Q1, 2022

  • Idea formation and team formation
  • Start of game development
  • Marketing research and development
  • Building community and acquiring early users

Q2, 2022

  • Game development
  • Website and token development
  • Marketing efforts to increase awareness and interest in the project
  • Continued community building and user acquisition
  • Implementation of in-game earning mechanisms

Q3, 2022

  • Creating and releasing game trailers to showcase our game
  • Setting up a Discord community to foster communication and engagement
  • Continued community building and user acquisition
  • Implementation of additional in-game earning and spending mechanisms and the introduction of NFTs

Q4, 2022

  • Marketing and promotional campaigns leading up to the official launch of the game
  • Continued community building and user acquisition
  • Cointelegraph sponsor article published

Q1, 2023

  • Continued marketing efforts to attract new players and retain current ones
  • Continued community building and user acquisition
  • Token and NFT sale launch
  • Game beta launch
  • Token utility growth through launch of liquidity pools
  • Game updates and improvements based on player feedback
  • Beta of governance and vesting mechanisms.

Q2, 2023

  • Governance launch which will allow token holders to vote on important decisions that impact the project's direction and development.
  • Public game launch
  • Partnership with enterprise blockchain companies
  • Regular game updates will be made to the game to improve the gameplay, fix bugs, and add new features.

Q3, 2023

  • Listing $TADT token on CEX to provide more liquidity and accessibility for token holders.
  • A community event will be organized to bring together players and supporters of the project to interact and share feedback.
  • Game SDK development as third party service

Q4, 2023

  • A mobile beta version of the game will be launched, allowing players to experience the game on their mobile devices.
  • An interactive gathering of project enthusiasts will be hosted to foster engagement and exchange of ideas among the Tachyon Domination community.
  • NFT lending money market launch
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