Tachyon Domination


Players receive points and in-game currencies by participating in hunting and wars, and accomplishing missions with their guilds. Based on the points accumulated during the week, players receive $TADT tokens at the end of the week.
Here are the different ways players can earn points and in-game currencies:
  • Winning war against another guild:
The winning guild will receive as a reward, an amount "X" of Red rocks from the Treasury of the losing team.
Each player participating in the GVG will receive a prize in Tachyons depending on whether his team won or lost.
Players will get the points, and especially Mech holders get bonus points (2.0~5.0x) for each week's allocation based on their corresponding multiplier.
  • Hunting:
Players can earn in-game currencies by hunting monsters and collecting resources in their guild. Rewards distributed between the players that help to defeat the enemy and the items dropped are picked up by the player who passes over first.
  • Accomplish Missions
Players can earn points and in game currency by accomplishing missions.