Tachyon Domination


The year was 2333... The Earth was experiencing numerous meteor showers. But then something strange occurred, shocking everyone. One of the meteor showers was different than usual. Scientists detected a strange material that had never been seen before on Earth. A new metal was discovered named Tachyon. A small group of brilliant and resourceful scientists intrigued by the new metal managed to trace the origin back to a group of galaxies 88711.8 light-years away from the Earth. The power of Tachyon was beyond imaginable. It was so compelling and bizarre. Objects made from Tachyon exhibit unusual properties as they can travel faster than the speed of light. This had the potential to fundamentally alter both space and human existence.
It took many years of hard work and research before the first Dominion Mech was created. Its capabilities were colossal, and its task was very clear, travel to the group of galaxies and extract the Tachyon. It was time to build and send an army controlled from Earth. It was time for Dominion Mechs to rule the universe.
Prepare for the greatest war of all time! Choose your Dominion Mech and battle monsters, Tachlings, and other machines! Hunt, join guilds, and take control of the space. Welcome to Tachyon Domination!
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