Tachyon Domination

In-Game Currencies

Tachyon Domination has three in-game currencies:
  • Tachyon
  • Quasar
  • Rocks
Tachyon, Quasar, and Rocks are the three in-game currencies. They are non-tradable on the DEX or CEX.

Hard currency - Tachyon

Hard currency is a high-value, general-purpose currency that is widely accepted, and primarily obtained through in-app purchases or marketplace, in the case of Tachyon. Often it allows access to exclusive premium content. Tachyon is a hard currency that players can purchase using $TADT on marketplaces or earn while playing the game. In the game, Tachyon, as hard currency, will be used to buy characters, items, and consumables and save the time to upgrade weapons, etc.

Soft currency - Quasar

Soft currency is a low-value, general-purpose currency primarily obtained for free by playing or just being part of an ecosystem. Players can earn Quasar while playing the game. In Tachyon Domination, Quasar, as a soft currency, will be used to upgrade items.


Rocks are a type of item that the user must possess in order to level up weapons and the Spacefortress.
  • Red Rock: use for Spacefortress upgrade
  • Yellow Rock: use for Weapon upgrade
The rocks will be found by the user when winning a fight against a Tachling.
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