Tachyon Domination

Guilds War


A guild is a group of members who want to play together and land where they can hunt Tachlings and defend against attacks from others. In the first release, the guild members will have complete control over its land, and no one will own it.
After selecting their galaxy and planet, players need to join a guild. The players can then perform the following actions:
  • Hunt on their land
  • Defend their land from attackers
  • Attack another guild
Guilds can also upgrade their land to enable higher defense capabilities. All upgrades need to be approved by the members of the guild through voting.
A land comprises three territories:
  • The base and war zone.
  • An area where it is easier to hunt and has smaller Tachlings.
  • A region where hunting is hard with large Tachlings but higher rewards.


War is an act of fighting against another guild's defense and their online players (opponents). A guild can only attack another guild with similar power levels.
The players have to vote yes to go to war. Here is how to start:
  1. 1.
    Select a guild from the list, and begin voting
  2. 2.
    A minimum of 4 votes leads to a yes vote
  3. 3.
    War starts 8 minutes after a yes vote
Once the war begins, players will start destroying the other guild's defense and online opponents. Each member of the winning guild will be awarded points based on that week's P&E allocation.