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Official Tachyon Domination Whitepaper, last updated February 2023


Welcome to Tachyon Domination, an alluring and stimulating new world where you can build guilds, hunt Tachlings, wage war on other guilds, experience the utmost excitement in the intense PVP battles, collect resources, and many more.
Tachyon Domination is a F2P (Free-to-Play) and P&E (Play and Earn) MMORPG on the Ethereum blockchain network. The game offers a fun, interactive open-world experience with a narrative that responds deeply to player actions.
It combines conventional gaming designs, epic role-playing adventures, and the joy of exploring the amazing world around you with unconventional game mechanisms like the P&E model, to let users have more control over in-game assets like characters, weapons, skins, consumables, lands, and much more. Players take up more critical roles in the gaming economy and receive befitting rewards in the process.

Our Vision

Our vision is to demonstrate that the integration of blockchain technology in gaming is not only practical but also yields a truly enriching experience for players. Our game is built on the principles of P&E, and our team has developed a DAO-based and Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game(MMORPG).
The game is designed to offer a seamless blend of entertainment and earning potential, catering to the diverse preferences of our players. We are creating a new level of engagement for players where they can not only enjoy the game but also earn real-world value from it. We are implementing the P&E model, where players can earn rewards in tokens or crypto just by playing the game. Our approach allows a wider audience to participate in earning rewards from blockchain games. We are focusing on creating a sustainable economy in our game by implementing a service economy approach where players are rewarded for providing valuable services to other players. We are committed to ensuring that our game is not only fun and engaging but also provides players with a way to earn real-world value while they play.
Tachyon Domination is currently free-to-play, allowing players to earn tradable currencies without any investment.
Tachyon Domination will initially launch on both Mac and Windows.
We plan to build a complete ecosystem that includes:

1. Tachyon Domination game

  • Hunting with guild members to collect currencies
  • Wars between guilds to earn tokens and currencies
  • Competitions & Events
  • Metaverse

2. NFT & Tokens

3. Marketplaces

  • Trading NFTs
  • Buying in-game currencies
  • Buying new characters
  • Buying items and consumables in game

4. Community

  • Governance & DAO via Smart contract
  • Social media and forums
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